About The Flower Grocer

It began……
In 1971, since she could sit upright, The Flower Grocer would sit in the beachside front yard of her family home making daisy chain necklaces to adorn the necks of family and friends.

A love of learning the history of family heirlooms soon followed and very quickly became an obsession.

Sitting high on the shoulders of her grandfather, with her brother in tow, the annual trip to Adelaide City to experience the lights and magic of the beautiful animated Christmas windows in the’ larger than life’ department stores would ingrain her lifelong passion and determination for a career as a window dresser.

A career in Visual Merchandising, working collaboratively on events such as annual Department store Flower Shows, Downtown department store fashion parades, large scale events, VIP functions and designing department store window concepts…….. creating the story and the vision soon became the catalyst for the next adventure.

With a score of industry experience, a love of people, flowers, design and gorgeous vintage vessels The Flower Grocer was realised.

Please explore The Flower Grocer website to view the range of extra lovely products and services available.

I’d love to hear from you.
Please call me anytime to discuss all your “extra lovely flowery” needs or your special event.

To make an appointment:

Extra Lovely Flowers

I create beautiful flower arrangements to meet each and every customer’s vision.

My passion for local natives, berries, twigs, cottage blooms and gorgeous greenery provide my customers with unique floral designs.

As much thought goes into each composition as does the unique vessel it is arranged in.

Vintage Vessels

My evolving range of gorgeous vintage vessels and one off unique items provide a beautiful history to each arrangement.

Alternatively, provide me with your very own heirloom vessel, and together we can discuss your ideas for its flowery contents.

Leave it with me and I will recreate your creative vision.

Goods & Chattels

Unique handmade items for your home and garden are created for each natural event or market day. Everything from gorgeous bird feeders, beautiful bunting and lovely gift tags.

Keep an eye out for the latest designs by visiting this page, or following the face book page www.facebook.com/theflowergrocer

Unique Potted Greens

My love of the architecture of succulent greens, inspire a range of custom made terrariums, log gardens and beautiful plants in vintage containers.

Choose a vintage vessel that best suits your occasion, from heirloom silver teapots, rusty tins, crystal jugs and much, much more.

Anything is possible.

Special Occassion

Each special occasion is unique to its owner.

The Flower Grocer can provide beautiful arrangements for your occasion, by spending quality time with each customer gaining a complete understanding of the occasion and the people involved, to ensure your extra lovely flower arrangements are as unique as you are.

Market Day… My favourite day!!!

It’s a long, busy, beautiful night. The studio floor is covered in flower clippings, and the air smells sweet. The beautiful white cat lies happily amongst the craziness. My lovely accomplice is meticulously loading the van.

Before we know it its 6am…..show time!!

We love market life!!

We love seeing our return customers and meeting new and old friends alike.

Come and visit The Flower Grocer and our beautiful vintage caravan at our next market day!

Keep an eye out for our market day dates by visiting this page, or following the face book page www.facebook.com/theflowergrocer